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Enclony PLANET 4.8 High Speed

High-speed automatic tablet & capsule inspection machine

The NEW Enclony PLANET 4.8 TC is a state of the art, high-speed automatic tablet and capsule visual inspection machine.  The inspection machine is designed with the latest vision technology (up to 15 2D/3D cameras) that accurately detects tablet or capsule defects, empty capsules, surface damage, etc.  Tablet inspection outputs of up to 350,000/hour and capsule inspection up to 150,000/hour.  The machine has a user-friendly design with easy cleaning, fast changeover, and easy operation.

Other Models:
  • Enclony PLANET 4.8 T (Tablet Inspection Machine)
  • Enclony PLANET 4.8 C (Capsule Inspection Machine)

  • Output: up to 350,000 tablets/hour 
  • Output: up to 150,000 capsules/hour
  • Up to 15 state-of-the-art 2D/3D inspection cameras
  • Can inspect any shape/size/color tablet or capsule
  • Jam-free product sorting
  • Ergonomic & user-friendly design
  • Highly efficient dust extraction system
  • 10 minute cleaning parts changeover
  • 30 minute new product parameter setting
  • User-friendly HMI control system
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