State-of-the-Art Visual Tablet & Capsule Inspection Machine Introducing the Next Generation Enclony PLANET 6G

Benefits of the Enclony 6G
  • 350,000 tablets/hour or 150,000 capsules/ hour output
  • Inspects any shape, size, or color tablet/capsule
  • 10 2-D & 2 3-D inspection cameras capture the entire surface area
  • 10-minute disassembly, cleaning, and reassembly
  • Simple & intuitive HMI:
    • 6-step (30 min.) adding a new product recipe
    • 3 steps to start inspection
  • cGMP design
As the sole North American representative for the Enclony Vision Inspection System, Key International is excited to present the latest model - the Enclony PLANET 6G series. After production runs in a capsule filler or tablet press, product quality must be analyzed for potential tablet and capsule defects that can occur during manufacturing. The PLANET 6G machine is a world-class inspection machine that takes up to 12 pictures of every tablet or capsule that passes through the machine. The 6G compares each tablet or capsule against a “golden image” to assure 100% visual inspection, keeping the good product and rejecting any defective product.
The Process
The inspection process starts with the product being loaded into a hopper that’s housed on the top of the machine. The capsules/tablets then go through a vibration tube into the centrifugal sorting device. The product is aligned using specialized tools, based on the product width, which will then place the product on a transportation disc and convey it under the first series of cameras. The product is then inverted onto the second transportation disc where the product passes by more cameras that take the final pictures which are compared to the golden image using proprietary algorithms. The Enclony PLANET 6G’s transportation discs use jam-free sorting by way of an open structure to prevent any blockages. Throughout the process, all tablets pass through a total of ten interdependent 2-D cameras responsible for capturing the surface area and two 3-D inspection cameras that capture the top and bottom of the product for truly comprehensive imagery. Capsules, on the other hand, are checked by 10 2-D cameras and by an additional infrared camera to identify empty capsules and check for adequate fill volume. Capsules are also brightened using a new lighting system so no shadows affect the inspection of the cap and body. All cameras and sensors are enclosed behind glass windows with a protective air curtain to safeguard against dust accumulation. Each tablet or capsule is classified into one of four categories: un-inspected, defect, un-rejected, or good. This system can be utilized for 100% inspection to ensure a high-quality product. A paramount advantage of this machine is that the data collected from this process can be used to continuously improve operations and product quality to better fit your production needs.  
Features Built for World-Class Inspection
 The Enclony PLANET 6G is equipped with 4 wing-doors around the device to allow easy access to the inspection machine. This combined with the threshold-free edge is conducive to thorough cleaning. The Smart HMI, responsible for displaying information for the operator while controlling mechanical settings, inspection fine-tuning, and all compliance reports, is designed to be intuitive. The PLANET 6G accommodates environmentally sensitive products, thus it has a strict humidity and temperature sensor that continuously monitors the environment and will notify the operator if outside the set range. This system is as powerful as 30 sets of PCs loaded with the latest CPU. Moreover, the PLANET’s 128 Multi-Core Image Processing Board is integrated with a Digital Signal Processor which can calculate complex image processing algorithms in real time.
The Brains of the Operation
 When it comes to vision inspection, the process by which the machine reforms the images of an object is critical. With a custom operating system developed by Enclony, it is capable of maximum inspection without error or time delay. The key to the Enclony PLANET
6G’s algorithm is its five-dimensional shape tracing technology that gathers a fully comprehensive visual of the perimeter of the tablet or capsule. This “reformed” image can then be compared to the standard or “golden” image for a full analysis. This machine also evaluates letters, printed or engraved, for a truly precise inspection using the same five-dimensional tracing technology aforementioned. Together, shape and letter tracing, provide a holistic view of the product when combined with sectionization and geographical analyzation. Sectionization is based on three product shapes - round, oblong, and free shape - which are then broken into sections based on surface area. The final step of the algorithmic procedure is geographical analyzation. This takes the final image of the shape & letter tracing and, pixel by pixel, will recognize where the letter should or should not be.
Efficiency is Key
 The PLANET 6G has been painstakingly assessed for the most efficient job change-over so you can rest assured that it won’t set your production back. Dismantling, cleaning, and reassembly are all done without tools and can be completed in just 10 minutes total. A complete job change-over takes less than an hour. The only necessary specification is product width/diameter. Only 3 sets of change-over parts is what you will need and will cover most types/sizes of product. Each of your product’s dimensions can be programmed in the respective product recipe through the Smart HMI for easy recollection. Adding a new product recipe to the system is as simple as 6 steps as the Smart HMI walks the operator through step-by-step in around 30 minutes, from entering dimensions to a trial run. Once that new product has been entered, it only takes 3 steps to start product inspection.
Why Choose the Enclony PLANET 6G
With its combined state-of-the-art features, the Enclony PLANET 6G is capable of inspecting any shape, size, or color tablet or capsule. It also boasts a 350,000 tablets per hour or 150,000 capsules per hour output to streamline your efficiency. This cutting-edge machine was designed with a cGMP design in mind so you can rest assured it is in compliance with necessary regulations. Ultimately, we are confident you will find the Enclony PLANET 6G to be the most impressive tablet and capsule inspection machine on the market today. Backed by Key International’s remarkable service, this machine will meet all your needs and more.