Countec InspecSeal TI-200

Key International, Inc. is proud to be the North American distributor and service provider for the Countec line of equipment. The NEW Countec Coglix InspecSeal TI-200 Sealing Inspection System inspects and analyzes container or package seals using a non-invasive method of cooled thermal imaging. The TI-200 InspecSeal tests for seal integrity and analyzes the seal quality using  the most advanced seal inspection technology in the world today. The machine will help protect products from contamination and avoid sealing leakage without slowing down production or affecting the product quality.
The Countec InspecSeal Machine will detect the following:
  • Packaging material problems
    • Damaged seals, inverted seals, lifted seal, etc.
  • Sealing machine problems
    • Over heated or under heated, missing or incomplete seals
  • Capping machine problems
    • Loose cap, tilted cap, etc.

  • Machine can easily be integrated with your production line
  • Industrial, easy to use touch screen panel
  • Cooled thermal imaging camera
  • 2-way rejection system
  • Container materials accepted: HDPE or glass bottles
  • Container dims: 20-200mm diameter, 50-300mm in height
  • Cap materials: HDPE, CRC (Child Resistant Cap) or PP
  • Cap dims: 20-200mm diameter, 10-50mm