Pharma Handling

Pharma Handling System - Dosing & Weighing System (DWS)

Available Options:

The Dosing and Weighing System (DWS) by Pharma Handling System is designed for dual
applications in both the dispensing and production areas. The DWS Dosing System is designed
to store pharmaceutical and food powder or granules in different types of packaging (i.e. drums,
bags, tubular liner, etc.). Updated with the Industry 4.0 and Data integrity concepts, this system
is able to perform very accurate dosing procedures and data management related to each
batch. The DWS Dosing System promotes a clean workplace with the greatest reduction of dust
dispersion to date.

Consisting of four main functional groups, this system is capable of dispensing large batches in
smaller packaging to be managed in the production areas as well as discharging process
machines in containers of small dimensions and weights for other departments. This high-
precision model can be used in cases of APIs that may be dangerous to the operator’s health.

  • Dosing accuracy up to +\- 5 g
  • Cycle time within 4 minutes of each container
  • Level of containment according to needs
  • Flexible and modular automation system
  • Data integrity management available
Available Options:
  • Continuous Liner Group with automatic positioning
  • Liner/Bag Welding Group
  • Roller conveyor Group for manual or automatic packaging handling
  • Trolley unit to allow the machine to be positioned in several unloading stations
  • Additional Weighing Group to manage different types of packaging or to confirm the net weight dosed by the machine during the process
  • Manual or automatic Label Printer and applier
  • IFix SCADA supervision system to perform diagnostics, performance measurements, communication with superior line/plant control systems, CFR21 part.11
  • Management of coding of incoming and generated packages