Sarong SL-6

Modular line for the production of suppositories in thermoplastic cavities starting from reels of PVC/PE.

Key International is proud to be the North American distributor and service provider for the Sarong line of suppository packaging equipment. The Sarong SL-6 is a modular production line with four independent components that produce empty suppository shells, fills the empty shells, cools them, and finally seals and cuts the suppositories into your specified length. The modular line produces up to 12,000 units per hour. You can purchase the single units as well as the entire production line.

Four independent modular units make up the line: 
  • The PA-2000 which winds out the two reels of plastic film and molds them into cavities of appropriate shape and size which exit in a continuous strip. 
  • The SG-6 R filler stage which batches the suppository mix into cavities formed in the strip. 
  • The SG-6 F cooler which solidifies the mix following batching. 
  • The SG-6 S the final stage which seals off the batch holes, stamps a code number, knurls the strip and makes the final cut into whatever packing length is required.

  • Continuous cavity strip output: up to 12,000 cavities/hour
  • Standard center distance between cavities: 17.4 mm
  • Max. diameter of packaging material reels: 300 mm
  • Film width: from 44 to 120 mm
  • Filling volume range: .5mL – 3.7mL
  • Capacity of product tank: 30 lt. heated double-jacketed electric immersion element
  • Cooling time: 8 minutes
  • Plastic Film Materials:
    • PVC
    • PVC/PE
    • PET/PE
    • Other thermoforming materials
    • Thickness: 100-200 micron