Countec DMC-200

Key International, Inc. is proud to be the North American distributor and service provider for the Countec line of electronic multi-channel tablet/capsule counting machines. The Countec DMC-200 automatic tablet/capsule counting and filling machine has the capacity to count up to 20,000 tablets per minute using the most advanced infrared sensors and PLC touch screen controls.
Tablets or capsules are loaded in the hopper of the DMC-200 and then are aligned on continuously vibrating 3-step trays. Each set of vibrating trays can be individually adjusted for optimum feeding conditions. Next, the tablets or capsules enter a buffer gate for pre-counting, then the product drops into 4 independently working filling heads for pre-filling. Empty bottles align below the filling heads (by use of timing screws) for actual filling of product into the bottles.

  • 100% counting accuracy with infrared sensor
  • Output: Max. of 200 BPM (100 count) or up to 20,000 tablets per minute (based on 10mm diameter uncoated tablets)
  • Actual speeds will vary based on bottle neck diameter and the shape and size of the product
  • Bottle size ranges: Diameter 30-100mm, Height 40-200mm
  • User-friendly touch screen control system
  • Tool-less dismantling for rapid cleaning and changeover
  • Small footprint to save on production space (Less than 4 sq. meters w/o conveyor)
  • Machine Dimensions: 4,000(L) x 2,000(W) x 2,220(H) mm with conveyor
  • Machine Net weight: 1,200kg