Countec DMC-4 Table Top Tablet/Capsule Counter

Key International, Inc. is proud to be the North American distributor and service provider for the Countec line of electronic tablet/capsule counting machines. The Countec DMC-4 is a semi-automatic tablet/capsule counter with the capacity to count up to 1,500 – 2,500 tablets/minute. Tablets/capsules loaded from the hopper are aligned on a continuously vibrating tray and fed to the infrared electronic counting sensors. The counter fills the bottle with 100% accuracy. The machine has 4 channels with twin filling heads and requires manual bottle loading and unloading for filling.
Other available models:
  • DMC-4C fully automatic version (with conveyor) with the capacity to count up to 1,500 tablets/minute.
  • DMC-4T fully automatic counter with the capacity to count up to 2,500 tablets/minute.


DMC-4 Specs:

  • Output: Max. 1500 tablets per minute based on diameter 8mm/uncoated tablets
  • Actual speeds will vary based on bottle neck diameter and the shape and size of the product
  • Bottle size ranges: Diameter 30-100mm, Height 40-200mm
  • Optional stainless steel table or conveyor