TGM E-250 SEMI Tube Filler

The TGM E-250 SEMI is a robust semi-automatic tube filling machine for small productions. The output capacity is up to 2,500 units/hour. The machine is very flexible and has quick format change overs. The tube orientation group is the most requested accessory. The E-250 SEMI is suitable for pharmaceutical, cosmetic, chemical and food industry to fill products such as Ointment, Cream, Silicone, Glue, Shampoo, Bubble bath, Toothpaste and Gel.

  • Output: up to 2,500 units/hour
  • Metal tubes:
    • Diameter: 10-42mm
    • Length: 50-240mm
  • Plastic tubes:
    • Diameter: 10-50mm
    • Length: 50-240mm
  • Easy tube size changeover
  • Easy cleaning hopper and pump
  • PLC touch-screen controls
  • Stainless Steel Frame, 316L product contact parts, and built with CE regulations