Key Air Veyor System AV200

Transport system for tablets and capsules from one station to the next in the processing area.

The Key Model AV200 air veyor system is designed to elevate tablets/capsules to a suitable height. The AV200 is used to transport tablet/capsules between processing functions, i.e. metal checking, check weighing, dedusting or polishing. Additionally, it may be used to transport finished product to a tote/bin/container. No electrical connections are required, simply attach to in-house compressed air.

  • GMP design 
  • 100% washdown 
  • Simple, lightweight, no moving parts 
  • Easy to set up and clean 
  • No electricity requirement 
  • 4-1/2" inlet funnel 
  • Adjustable feed height  
  • Portable stand with non-skid pads 
  • FDA approved smooth bore hose 
  • "T" discharge fitting for drum or tote cover 
  • Variable speed control
  • No routine maintenance 
  • Made in U.S.A.