Sejong VANTIX F-Series

Sejong Pharmatech has been at the forefront of advancing global pharmaceutical processing equipment for over 20 years by developing and manufacturing high quality machines that meet pharmaceutical manufacturer’s production needs.

For over 15 years, Key International has been the exclusive distributor of the high quality, sustainable Sejong pharmaceutical processing line by providing over 100 Sejong machines to our customers in the U.S. marketplace.

This new VANTIX line of capsule filling equipment will benefit our customers through:
  • Increased product output
  • Easier machine operation and maintenance
  • Incorporation of the latest technology developments

Features:What’s New?
  • All VANTIX models go through 5 compression stages before being inserted into the capsule, thus increasing product accuracy
  • Increased productivity/max. output by up to 26%
  • Improved machine construction for easier maintenance accessibility and reduced noise & vibration
  • Increased machine efficiency for better dust collection and reduction of air consumption by 80%

  • VANTIX F180 (Mass-production) - Capsule production of up to 184,800 capsules/hour
  • VANTIX F125 (Production-scale) - Capsule production of up to 126,000 capsules/hour 
  • VANTIX F50 (Pilot-scale) - Capsule production of up to 50,400 capsules/hour
  • VANTIX F3 (Lab-scale) - Capsule production of up to 3,600 capsules/hour