KG-5 Bench Top High Shear Mixer and Granulator

The KG-5 is a cost effective, state-of-the-art, bench top high shear granulator/mixer. This unit is ideal for R&D laboratory usage for the processing of small batches and has the flexibility for scale up. With a large, color touch screen operator interface, the KG-5 is easy to use and generates meaningful product performance data. 

  • Interchangeable bowl system for different batch sizes (1 liter, 3 liter & 5 liter)
  • Main propeller has a 3-blade design with speeds from 50-750rpm
  • Options include variable speed chopper (1,000-10,000rpm) and a liquid addition system
  • PCL control system
  • Standard printer output for recording recipes and parameters from automatic operations
  • Quick release components to facilitate easy cleaning
  • Validation package (IQ, OQ, Calibration, certification documentation)