BECOMIX Laboratory Homogenizing Mixer RW Series

The BECOMIX RW Laboratory Homogenizing Mixers are used for product and process development, clinical samples, production of small quantities, and scale-up. This line of mixers can be used for the cosmetic, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

Compact design and intuitive operation, these laboratory mixing devices have the same features as the production units. Features include homogenizer with pump mode and homogenizer mode, anchor stirrer, double jacket with heating/cooling, vacuum pump and control. All elements are integrated into a wheeled mobile laboratory table that can be used at different work stations.

  • BECOMIX Mini (RW 2.5) has a working capacity of .5L to 3.5L
  • BECOMIX RW 15 has a working capacity of 2L - 12L
  • BECOMIX RW 30 has a working capacity of 2L - 25L
  • BECOMIX RW 60 has a working capacity of up to 60L

  • Simple and intuitive operation
  • Homogenizer with internal and external circulation
  • Hot/cold production with precise temperature controls
  • Optimum mixing with anchor agitator, change in direction or rotation, and wall scrapers operating in both directions
  • Pressure and vacuum tight mixing vessel with illuminated sight glass with wiper
  • Integrated electronic batch report with data input via touch panel
  • Optional automatic PC operation with on-line batch documentation
  • Automatic and exact temperature control
  • Comprehensive documentation
  • cGMP