BECOMIX Large Volume Mixers (LVM Series)

Specifically developed for the fast, cost-effective production of low to medium-viscosity products

Key International, Inc. is proud to be the North American distributor and service provider for the BECOMIX line of mixers and homogenizers.  The BECOMIX LVM Series of homogenizers are cost‐effective, highly efficient mixing plants for low and medium viscosity emulsions such as: gels, shampoos, deodorants, injectable products, and solutions.

The LVM mixer has been specially designed for liquid products and can be used for laboratory and production of 125 to 20,000 liters.  The deployment of the tried-and‐tested BECOMIX homogenizer with DUO suction intake allows instant dilution of SLS (LES / Texapon) 70% directly with cold water.  Extremely short production times are thereby achievable.

The specially designed circulation line allows low-foam production for all batch sizes. This gives complete flexibility of manufacturing.  The mixer, like the Becomix RW Series mixers, has the following features: CIP, SIP, design free of dead spaces.

  • Capacity of 125 – 20,000 liters, special sizes upon request
  • Low-budget, highly efficient production of low and medium viscous emulsions, gels, shampoos, and deodorants.
  • Pharmaceutical liquids, low & medium viscous gels, juices, and homeopathic solutions
  • Hot-cold production
  • Patented BECOMIX homogenizer with integrated CIP pump and BECOMIX turbo stirrer (in bottom)
  • Pressure tight, 3-walled insulated heating/cooling
  • Turn-key plants
  • Touch-PC operating system