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Key International is proud to be the sole North American distributor of the ARBES TOOLS line of Softgel production equipment. ARBES is a leading manufacturer of soft gelatin capsule (softgel) processing technology with hundreds of systems installed world-wide. The ARBES SGX-RND softgel production machine is ideally suited for clinical trials, Abbreviated New Drug Application (ANDA) filings, product development, marketing campaigns, small volume production and suppositories.

  • Dierolls are 3 inches long and 4 inches in diameter with variable encapsulation speeds up to 5 rpm
  • PLC and touch-screen control with functions failure diagnosis specification for monitoring and control of all production and process parameters (Rockwell/Schneider/Delta or similar)
  • Medicament dosing system has 4 plungers, each having an optimum volume of 1,000 mcl
  • Gelatin ribbon thickness tolerance is negligible due to constant gelatin level system within the spreader box using electro-pneumatic sensors
  • Independent speed control of inline gelatin casting drums
  • Gelatin ribbon lubrication controlled by micro-dosing pumps which allow different oil formulation on each side of the ribbon
  • Pneumatic dieroll loading and wedge movement with touch-screen control
  • Data logging and trend analysis of all process parameters with the facility to transfer this data to a laptop/desktop
  • Wedge/segment temperature controlled within 0.1 deg. Celcius using state-of-the-art PID controllers
  • Stainless steel water-jacketed hopper with built-in heaters for special heat temperature sensitive formulas
  • Unique stretch mechanism to handle various viscosities of gelatin thereby improving the shape of the softgel
  • Bi-directional food-grade conveyor transfer softgels into a Tumbler-Drier
  • Compatible with single basket Tumbler Drier whose functionality is also controlled from the touch-screen
  • Proprietary PLC logic controls total hold time of softgels in the Tumbler-Drier
  • System can be coupled with ARBES 35kg R&D Gelatin Melter (GM-RND-35), the R&D Medicine Preparation System and humidity chamber form a comprehensive R&D solution

Production rates for a few popular Softgel shapes & sizes:
3 Oval 190 – 230 19,440+
6 Oval 350 – 440 13,500+
7.5 Oval 470 – 590 12,960+
14 Oval 720 – 900 11,340+
6 Oblong 350 – 460 15,120+
16 Oblong 950 – 1,200 8,640+
20 Oblong 1,150 – 1,450 8,280+