Key Hardness Testers HT300/HT500

Most reliable and accurate tablet hardness testers on the market today. 

Proven to be the most reliable and accurate hardness tester on the market. Unit is available in two (2) models, a 30 K.P. unit (HT-300) and a 50 K.P. unit (HT-500). Unit produces documentation to be attached to batch card records which would include individual hardness, maximum, minimum and standard deviation and average hardness, compact, lightweight and fully adjustable tablet diameter device makes this unit a must for laboratory and production areas.

  • Strain gauge to measure linear force vs. counterbalancing or pneumatic hand type tester
  • Accuracy of ±1% over readout measuring range
  • Prints out in Strong Cobb (SC), Kilopond (Kp) or Newton (N) units
  • Changeover from one unit of measure to another by keypad selection
  • Touch activated control panel
  • Fully adjustable jaw testing stroke
  • Automatic cycling and adjustable time lapse between testing cycles to match operator speed