Hoonga HM 400P

The Hoonga HM 400P blister pack machine is a high output/high quality machine capable of producing 400 blisters per minute and can handle a wide range of blister packaging materials.  The compact footprint and balcony style design separates the entire mechanical drive systems from the production feeding compartment to prevent possible cross contamination.  

The latest servo drive system technology ensures high accuracy and precise operation of the entire station.  It is designed for excellent visual and easy physical access to all areas for maintenance and cleaning. There is easy access to product parameters via the touch screen and a PC based HMI system contributes to easy monitoring, tracking of data and production, and uploading of the latest programming.

  • Maximum of 400 blisters per minute with dual lane platen sealing
  • HMI control via industrial PC control system
  • Compact floor space
  • Non-contact platen type preheating
  • Platen sealing station + self-adjustment indexing by servo motor
  • Easy and fast format mold changeover
  • Flexible discharge direction
  • cGMP compliant design