CORA® Flexible Compensator

Flexible sleeve that connects two machines 

The CORA® COMPENSATOR is a flexible sleeve that connects two pieces of machinery when rigid connections cannot be used due to vibration or off-axis. It is connected through a clamp band that can be opened easily when you need to sterilize the sleeve. It is also available with copper wire to ensure electrical conductivity.

  • Designed to connect two pieces of machinery when rigid connections cannot be applied
  • Can tolerate light pressure and depression
  • Designed for stringent FDA sanitary requirements
  • Suitable for CIP or SIP
  • Easy to detach, disassemble and thoroughly clean
  • Declarations and certifications: FDA (CFR 177.2600)

  • FDA transparent silicone
  • USP class VI transparent silicone
  • Black antistatic EPDM
  • White EPDM
  • White FKM (Viton®)

Available Sizes:
  • 4” (100mm) diameter with lengths of 70mm, 100mm and 150mm
  • 6” (150mm) diameter with lengths of 65mm, 100mm and 200mm 
  • 8” (200mm) diameter with lengths of 70mm, 100mm and 200mm
  • 10” (250mm) diameter with length of 100mm