Aluminum Foil, PVC Film, and Pre-Formed Suppository Shells

Key International is the sole North American distributor of SARONG Equipment and Film & Foil products. SARONG Film & Foil is a high quality product used in the pharmaceutical packaging of liquid or semi-liquid suppositories by thermoforming / filling / hot sealing machines (SARONG PVC/PE & PVC/PVDC/PE products) or by cold-forming/filling/hot sealing machines (ALU/PE products). The material is customizable with flexible production options.

SARONG Film & Foil Products:

SARONG Pre-Formed Shell Products:

The Sarong Pre-Formed Shells are available in suppositories and ovulas shapes. They can be purchased by the case. Each case has 10 reels and depending on the size of the shells there are either 10,000, 8,500, or 7,200 shells per case. You can customize the shells for print (3 colors, one side or both sides). It is offered with a peelable open system or v-cut open system. Available capacities range from .5 ml to 4.0ml.