KEY-LUBE Multi-Purpose Pharma Lubricant

KEY-LUBE® is now packaged in cases that include 12 boxes of 30 individual 7 gram units.
  • New single use application avoids likelihood of cross-contamination
  • Unit dose tube is equipped with a tear notch to quickly and easily apply grease
  • Easily control lubricant output leading to less waste
As always, KEY-LUBE is also available for purchase in 5 gallon drums.

KEY-LUBE is a general-purpose lubricant available for use on most pharmaceutical, food, beverage and personal care equipment applications. It can be used anywhere standard greases and oils are used.
KEY-LUBE is an FDA approved, heavy duty, smooth grease fortified with “Teflon”®. The “Teflon” particles act as an anti-friction “ball bearing.” KEY-LUBE has excellent adhering qualities – it stays where you put it! It is heat
stable up to 300°F, can withstand high pressure and is resistant to water wash down.

  • All bearing and sliding surfaces that require nearly colorless or white grease
  • All pharmaceutical processing equipment applications
  • All bearings and sliding surfaces on food handling equipment

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KEY-LUBE Grease meets NSF H1 and FDA requirements for materials that may have incidental contact with food.