FlexPack NF-150

The FlexPack NF-150 Horizontal Pouch-Packaging Machine is a high performance packaging machine due to its versatility, productivity and easy changeover. The machine is available in a simplex or duplex version to meet your production needs. Pouch sizes range from 50mm x 60mm up to 150mm x 200mm.

  • Duplex Machine:
    • Produces up to 180 pouches/minute
    • Pouch size: min. 50mm x 60mm; max. 75mm x 200mm
    • Fill Volume: up to 100cc
  • Simplex Machine:
    • Produces up to 90 pouches/minute
    • Pouch size: min. 50mm x 60mm; max. 150mm x 200mm
    • Fill Volume: up to 250cc
  • Designed to fill powdered products into 3 or 4 sided sealed sachet
  • Ergonomic monoblock on balcony frame
  • Suitable for food, beverages, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and/or chemicals
  • Motorized unwinder with end of reel detector
  • Splicing table for easy change of reel
  • Expandable reel support for easy mechanical adjustment with no tooling
  • Designed for ease of use, format flexibility, high efficiency, and low maintenance costs
  • In-stock machine is quipped with a twin electronic auger filler to dispense granulated or powdered product
 Types of packaging:
  • Single sachet, twin sachet, different shapes, gusseted bottom, towelettes, etc.
  • Zipper, valve or top spout applications