ChangSung 880SR Softgel Encapsulation Machine

High-Speed Softgel Encapsulation machine for mass production

Changsung has been the #1 manufacturer & supplier of softgel manufacturing machines in the world since 1972. Now Changsung is introducing a new high-speed, mass production softgel manufacturing machine to meet your production needs. The Machine’s maximum speed is 6rpm, with a die roll size of 150mm X 320mm, minimum gel waste and maximum output of up to 220,000 capsules/hour. The Changsung 880SR has been crafted to be completely compliant to FDA and GMP interface. This model runs on a servo motor and is equipped with special pumps for contents with high viscosity and high solidness. The Changsung 880SR has very low noise levels, , perfect safety, and no slide valve!

  • Machine has 150mm diameter and 320mm long rotary die rolls, with minimum gel waste
  • Servo motor drive type
  • PLC touch screen control
  • Automatic filling volume adjustment system (on touch screen)
  • Built-in AGT (Automatic Gelatin Ribbon Thickness) control system
  • 30 precision-milled pistons
  • Die roll pressure check system
  • Spreader box gate shuts down automatically when machine stops running
  • Precise oil metering pump for optimum ribbon lubrication
  • PRECISION TITANIUM COATED plungers for the medicine filling pump
  • Electric wedge system
  • Casting drum temperature
  • Hot and cool chiller and capsule blower
  • All contacts parts STS 316

  • Oval #7.5 (612 cavities): 220,320 capsules/hour
  • Oval #10 (544 cavities): 195,840 capsules/hour
  • Ob #20 (315 cavities): 113,400 capsules/hour