High Speed Automatic Tablet & Capsule Inspection (Stainless Steel Model)

Key International is proud to introduce the new Enclony PLANET 6GP, featuring the same great capabilities as previous units, but now made from stainless steel! This state of the art, high-speed automatic tablet and capsule visual inspection machine is equipped with the most cutting-edge vision technology. Ten interdependent 2D cameras capture the entire surface area of the tablet or capsule while two additional 3D cameras capture the top and bottom of the tablet or capsules for complete coverage. A unique infrared camera thoroughly checks for empty capsules and fill volume, so no vacant products go unnoticed.
Blind spots are a thing of the past as each tablet is captured from eight precise angles. The Enclony 6GP Series’s jam free sorting, new on-board smart HMI, humidity and temperature sensor, and four-sided wing door capability enable it to produce as many as 350,000 tablets per hour and 150,000 capsules per hour. The hyper-specific analyzing algorithm ensures the geographical location of each shape and letter tracing is precisely UV-etched as well. Refined quality insurance, a faster changeover time, rapid set-up time, and cGMP design provides the most remarkable Enclony tablet and inspection machine experience to date.

  • PLANET 6GP-T (Tablet only inspection machine)
  • PLANET 6GP-C (Capsule only inspection machine)
  • PLANET 6GP-TC (Tablet or capsule inspection machine)

  • Output: up to 350,000 tablets/hour
  • Output: up to 150,000 capsules/hour
  • 10 2D and 2 3D inspection cameras capture entire surface area
  • Can inspect any shape/size/color tablet or capsule
  • Jam-free product sorting
  • Ergonomic & user-friendly design
  • Highly efficient dust extraction system
  • 10-minute cleaning parts changeover
  • 30-minute new product parameter setting
  • NEW on-board user-friendly HMI control system
  • 128 Multi-Core DSP Board