Sejong VANTIX C Series

The VANTIX C Series is designed with the most effective air supply and exhaust structure that maximizes drying efficiency while its patent-earned spray gun auto-sliding is designed to enable easy nozzle replacement and cleaning.  All coating systems are fitted to various GMP standards in different countries.  Their simple and stylish external design further satisfies customer's taste.

Features:What's New?
  • Machine upgrades/improved function & design
  • All-in-one heat exchanger/dust collector design reduced total machine size by 33%
  • Added wheels for easier mobility
  • Easier access for maintenance and pan exchange 

  • VANTIX C 30FC - Output capacity of 1 - 9 liters per batch
  • VANTIX C 30JC - Output capacity of 1 - 9 liters per batch