Key TD101-WD Tablet Deduster

For removal of excess dust from pressed tablets.

Designed for the operator in mind, these deduster units are completely wash down which reduces the down time between cleanings. Unit is constructed of mirror polished, stainless steel with an adjustable base, variable speed vibrator and an adjustable inlet funnel, along with wash down motor and controls. The units are made in the U.S.A., are generally in stock and supported by 'off the shelf' replacement parts.

  • Vibrator and controls are built to NEMA, wash down  specifications
  • All mirror polished Stainless Steel contact parts as well as Stainless Steel exterior covers
  • Adjustable tilt feature, which when set in relation to vibration intensity, determines speed of tablets
  • GMP designs and construction
  • Quick disconnect clear Lexan® top cover
  • Stainless Steel support column
  • Stainless Steel vacuum nozzle for dust control
  • 5 leg polished aluminum base with locking casters