Key Friability Tester FT-400

Available with either drop count or timed testing. 

The Key Friability Tester (FT-400) is a mechanical apparatus used to determine or test tablets for resistivity to breakage. The resistivity to breakage can be measured by using the ‘ROCHE’ test which subjects the tablets to mechanical shock in order to establish a friability factor based on the loss in tablet weight due to breakage caused by induced mechanical stress.  The FT-400 conforms completely to the test parameters as established by ‘ROCHE’ as outlined in our technical section.

  • Two transparent acrylic drums run two tests simultaneously (Four drums are available as an option)
  • Curved scoops inside the drums convey tablets upward, then dropped at the prescribed height and speed
  • Drums are driven by a synchronous motor through non-slip timing belts providing maximum accuracy
  • Chassis is constructed of stainless steel and polished to a #7 mirror finish
  • Drums are assembled and removed quickly and easily for loading, unloading and clean up
  • Units are available in either ‘Drop Count Test’ type or ‘Timed Test’ type