Sejong MRC-Series

Key International, Inc. is proud to be the US-based exclusive distributor and technical service support team for Sejong Pharmatech tablet presses.  The Sejong MRC-Series is designed for mid to high tabletting production volumes and consists of 30 (D) and 36 (B) station single sided and 45 station (B) and (BB) double sided tablet presses.  The MRC tablet presses have a competitive edge in the global market and can access real-time based production data management with HMI systems.  Also, it embraces the features of the most efficient cutting-edge technologies to ensure optimum tablet production. 

  • Production range of 186,000 single layer tablets/hour up to 500,000 tablets/hour and 82,000 to 146,000 double layer tablets/hour
  • Designed to manufacture any type of tablet regardless of punch type and can produce oblong tablets from 11mm to 25mm in size
  • Enhanced touch screen controls provide easy operator control and diagnostic capabilities
  • Options include Automatic Weight Control and removable turret capabilities

MRC-S Series (Single layer tablets only)
  • MRC-31S (Up to 186,000 tablets/hour)
  • MRC-37S (Up to 222,000 tablets/hour)
  • MRC-45S (Up to 270,000 tablets/hour)
  • MRC-47S (Up to 282,000 tablets/hour)

MRC-D Series (Single & double layer tablets)
  • MRC-39D (Up to 280,000 single layer tablets/hour & up to 82,000 double layer tablets/hour)
  • MRC-49D (Up to 411,000 single layer tablets/hour & up to 117,000 double layer tablets/hour)
  • MRC-61D (Up to 512,000 single layer tablets/hour & up to 146,000 double layer tablets/hour)