High Precision Butterfly Valves

About CORA Ultra-Sanitary Valves:
For over 25 years, Key International has been a proud manufacturer and distributor of CORA® Ultra-Sanitary Butterfly Valves that are designed for controlling the flow of pharmaceutical and food grade powders.  We offer a multitude of sizes and body configurations that allow for easy interfacing with your specific equipment connections.

Design Concept:

Designs available for dry bulk powders, fragile tablets or capsules and for controlled dosing.  All designs are available with either a manual operating lever or pneumatic actuator.  Mounting to customer's equipment can easily be achieved by several methods such as:
  • Sandwiching between two flanges
  • Direct welding
  • Use of a CORA® mounting flange and clamp band
  • Use of a Tri-Clamp type sanitary ferrule connection
  • Multiple types of adaptors and transitions for customer specific needs
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All inquiries and RFQ's should be sent directly to the factory.