Krüger & Salecker FFW400 Fruit Snack Molding Machine

A high-speed fruit snack molding machine for the rapid creation of organic or vegan foods and supplements

Introducing the FFW400 from Krüger & Salecker, a compact machine used for the molding of fruit snacks for the food and beverage, pharmaceutical, and holistic industries. This small but mighty machine fills rotating molds at temperatures below 85 °C (185° F), then it rapidly cools the product, achieving solidification within 12 seconds where products can immediately be packaged - no need for additional processing.

The FFW400 gently handles ingredients and adheres to high standards required by regulatory bodies like the FDA, enabling the creation of functional foods like dietary supplements, OTC products, and more. It produces versatile glucose- and fruit-based fruit snacks that can also handle added fruit pieces.

The optional mixing and dosing unit features a BMP Acid injection system that uses a patented pectin dosing unit, making sure the activator (pectin) is added upstream of the molder so jellification happens at the right time.

  • Capable of making approximately 300 kg/hr. of continuous production, based on recipe design and product size
  • Create vegan and organic products without added sugar
  • Molds 100% fruit-based jellies and gummies with optional additions of real fruit pieces
  • Keep production running seamlessly with a continuous process; no need for curing
  • Quick and easy changeover of tooling to different shapes
  • Includes a 6 meter partly covered pre-cooling table
  • Ensure a clean process with starchless molding, no cross-contamination, and no ATEX area
  • Save space with a compact setup
  • Low energy consumption
  • Requires little supervision