Sejong Processing Equipment

Challenge, Innovation, Trust, Worldwide

Key International, Inc. is proud to be the US-based exclusive distributor and technical service support team for Sejong Pharmatech. Sejong Pharmatech has over 20 years of expertise as a global supplier, in over 40 countries, making high quality and innovative pharmaceutical machines.

We carry a full-range of Sejong machines including: tablet presses, capsule fillers, tablet coaters, granulators/high shear mixers, and capsule checkweighers.

An additional benefit of purchasing your Sejong Processing Equipment from us, is our manufacturer-trained technicians are available to walk you through start-up and service.

Tablet Presses:
VANTIX-P Series (Tablet Presses):
Capsule Filling Machines:
Tablet Coating Machines:
High Shear Mixers/Granulators: